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What's New In The World of Sugar Daddy Dating ?

By Michael Gustov - Independent News Features: March 7, 2019

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Sugar Daddy Dating

I was asked to write a short piece on Sugar Daddy Dating. I quickly realised that I was an uncool white guy in my 40s who is married with children. Then it occurred to me that I may have not been the best person to do this. However, I thought I needed to think and behave like a sugar daddy if I was to do this justice. In order to get to the heart of how sugar dating works I had to immerse myself in to this machiavellian world.

First I would need to come across as authentic. So i asked a music producer friend of mine if I could borrow his (empty) palatial home in the Hamptons for 2 weeks. He loved the background to my story and said yes immediately (hoping he would get to meet sugar babies with me). I explained that I had to approach this professionally so he couldn’t take part. Dismayed and disappointed he gave me the keys and wished me good luck.

What’s New in the World of Sugar Daddy Dating? G26 World News Headlines


I entered some lascivious sugar daddy dating search terms on the internet and came across sugarcoupling.com where a portion of sugar babies were portraying themselves more overtly in a sexual way. Sugar babies have an option to select a regular profile or an Xfile profile. With an Xfile profile they can use liberal language and show themselves in a more flirtatious way. Many wear skimpy clothing and pose semi nude to be erotically enticing.

Sugarcoupling.com has created a unique USP which no other similar sugar daddy site has; You can also add bachelor in paradise type sexy photos and send explicit banter type messaging. Furthermore; members can add liberal language in ‘ My bio ‘ text, and ‘ The person i’d like to couple up with ‘ sections. With an Xfile profile you can include erotic love island type photos.

What’s New in the World of Sugar Daddy Dating? G26 World News Headlines

Sugar Dating

Only premium gold members can access the Xfile profile photos of sugar babies. They must be over 18 years of age when they join this sugar dating site. I was able to search for sugar babies in different countries. Then I selected some profiles to view. Users have the option to view text in over 100 different languages. Many were offering to provide a ‘ Girlfriend Experience ‘ one of the new phrases entering the lexicon of sugar dating.

What’s New in the World of Sugar Daddy Dating? G26 World News Headlines

I eventually retreated from the cornucopia of beautiful women laid bare before me on the site. I messaged a few who were keen to meet me in person. However, I just made my excuses and bade them Au revoir. I feel I have changed because of this experience and learned a lot about the human psyche in a world of Covid 19 Coronavirus uncertainty. Alas I never did use my friends Hamptons home.


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